A Smashing Season for the Eagles!


Once again the Eagles surpassed all expectations this season and achieved outstanding results in every discipline. The Eagles reached the podium at least once this season at tournaments in all sports categories. Here is the run-down of the results;

Varsity Girls Football

ESC – 3rd

SGIS – 3rd


Varsity Boys Football

ESC – 1st

SGIS – 1st


Junior Varsity Boys Football

SCIS – 2nd

SGIS – 6th

Varsity Boys Rugby

SGIS -1st

“Bell ISST” – 2nd

Zurich 7’s – 3rd


Junior Varsity Boys Rugby

SGIS 7’s – 2nd

ZIS 7’s – 2nd

Varsity Girls Volleyball

SCIS – 3rd                        

SGIS – 1st                        

ESC – 2nd


Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball

SCIS – 2nd

Varsity Boys Volleyball

ESC – 3rd + Sportsmanship

Thank you to all coaches and organisers who helped make this season so successful and shout out to all students who participated and pushed themselves to achieve these results. The end of a season always leaves us feeling a bit of sad to have to leave this team and memories behind, but this one also ends with a lot of pride. So remember to congratulate any athletes you cross in the corridor for an extraordinary season. Also, sign up for sports teams (swimming, basketball, and skiing) next season. Let’s keep it up Eagles!