An Early Christmas

An Early Christmas

On Saturday December 7th, 2013 history was made. For the first time ever, the ISZL High School swim team managed to claim the SGIS championship title. At this point, most of your thoughts are probably working overtime. All possible brain cells are concerning themselves over that one question that has clouded your thoughts ever since reading this… ISZL has a swim team?!

Living within the shadows of the giants such as rugby, football or ski-team, the swim team is often overlooked when it comes to basically anything. I doubt many students even had the slightest idea of a swimming competition taking place, and therefore would be unaware of ISZL’s success if it wasn’t for Mr. Jones’ extensive advertising campaign that struck the school the week after.

Overall not a single high school swimmer left the competition without a medal, either won through individual domination or complete demolishment of other school’s relay teams. Especially the girls team was unbeatable, leaving schools such as Basel and Zurich helplessly behind. Under the strong leadership of Lisa Katgert, who was decorated with several medals herself as well, the total medal count eventually halted at an astounding 16 for the girls. The boys tailed behind with their 10 medals, resulting possibly from inefficient leadership or something…

As a team, ISZL ended with a grand score of 224. This number does not have to mean anything to you as a reader. It barely means anything to me either. All I know is that an individual gold medal normally equates to 6 points. However when compared to other schools, the meaning becomes pretty clear. Considering ZIS only scored 143 points in total, and BIS barely managed to exceed the 200 points, I think 224 is not all too shabby. 224 is a lot of medals or top 6 finishes. From the entire ISZL swim team, it was Sofia Dionisio who scored the most points, considering she won a gold medal for every individual event she swam.

I could start throwing even more random numbers at you, stubbornly advertising individual times swam throughout the day. That would just be a waste of time… If you are interested in results or other fun swimming details, contact your local school swim coach or your undercover reporter on the scene.