Argentine Nights: The Latest Addition to the Library

Argentine Nights: The Latest Addition to the Library

Argentine Nights by Marek Vácha


“To walk through life not just collecting photographs and souvenirs but insight and revelation. To look for the inner spiritual world invisible to the naked eye.”

Reflective and autobiographical thoughts on meeting God and the essence of life. Catholic priest, Ethics lecturer, naturalist and explorer describes the journey to God and spiritual dimensions of life through travel, nature, prayer, meeting with others and rituals both Christian and Non-Christian.

Marek Vácha is head of the Department of Ethics and Humanities of the 3rd Faculty of Medicine at Charles University, Prague. Born in Brno in 1966, he studied molecular biology, genetics and theology. He has been a member of two expeditions to Antarctica and lived in the Sept-Fons trappist monastery in France. Vácha is the parish priest of the Lechovice Parish and chaplain to the Roman Catholic Academic Parish at the Church of the Most Holy Salvador.

“Biology and all its secrets cannot be grasped without feeling like a hungry wolf at least once in our lifetime, or like a ladybird on a leaf, a peacock butterfly in a drop of water or a photosynthesising spruce bathed in light. It is impossible to become a good theologian by studying the views of others only, to write sophisticated reviews, but never feel the human thirst for God. To study the world merely from the outside like an independent and disinterested reporter will never allow us to encompass it. We are walking through life today like we walk through the zoo on Saturdays. This is not the way to meet God; the way of disinterested tourists, who during their walk on the Earth press the shutter from time to time to take a photograph; but rather passionate, longing and hungry for God, longing to find the meaning of things, we exist inside of the world, never outside of it.”


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