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Athletic Achievement

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As sports seasons come to an end we think back on the great times we’ve all had. We appreciate the times we got to train and compete as a team and when we think back we realise it was mainly due to individual athletes. I myself play sports and believe that what makes a season good is not the wins or the trophies, it’s the people and the team that is built over that season. On Monday, awards were given out to reward those people whether it was in their skill or their mindset. Here are the awards that were given out for all the teams.


Boys Skiing

Captain Award – Holger P.

Coaches Award – Mathias V.

Athletes Award – Clemens P.

Most Improved Athlete – Maurits H.

Athlete of the season – Holger P.


Girls Skiing

Captain Award – Jordi S.

Coaches Award – Vanessa E.

Athletes Award – Jordi S.

Most Improved Athlete – Clara P.

Athlete of the season – Melanie M.


Boys Swimming

Captain Award – Jack W.

Coaches Award – Gabriel C.

Athletes Award – Zac H.

Most Improved Athlete – Luke H.

Athlete of the season – Senan B.


Girls Swimming

Captain Award – Camilla R.

Coaches Award – Lucy S.

Athletes Award – Carla F.

Most Improved Athlete – Meike H.

Athlete of the season – Sofia D.


Varsity Boys Basketball


Captain Award – Gunnar H.

Coaches Award – George M.

Players Award – Nicolas N.

Most Improved Player – Maxwell L.

Player of the season – Toni R.


Varsity Girls Basketball

Captain Award – Aurore M.

Coaches Award – Ellie S.

Players Award – Morgane M.

Most Improved Player – Willemijn P.

Player of the season – Emelia H.


Junior Varsity Boys Basketball

Captain Award – Maolan L.

Coaches Award – Christoph D.

Players Award – Charlie P.

Most Improved Player – Ewan M.

Player of the season – Tuomo S.


Junior Varsity Girls Basketball

Captain Award – Lisa K.

Coaches Award – Costanza O.

Players Award – Erica N.

Most Improved Player – Maria Z.

Player of the season – Lisa K. 


If you were on a sports team this season make sure to thank your team and appreciate all the members of it, not for the way they performed but for the way they acted. If you were not on a sports team, make sure to congratulate these students for representing our school and for working hard this season. 

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