Balancing your time

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Can you get good grades, have a social life, do sports and activities? Yes you can!
It can be very hard to balance your time when you have a lot going on. It might even seem impossible to fit everything in sometimes, but if you manage your time wisely you can achieve a lot. So here are some tips that if you implement into your daily life will help you balance your time better and you’ll actually manage to finish everything you need to get done.

You need to prioritise your time. I cannot emphasize how important this is. If you spend more time working on something that is due ages away then that essay that’s due in two days then you’re most likely going to end up stressed when that essay’s due date comes around. When prioritising schoolwork the eisenhower method is a good one to follow. But you also need to prioritise in situations such as when you have an essay due the next day but you want to go shopping with your friends after school, in this case prioritising school is the most beneficial solution.

Using a manuscript planner or a digital one can be incredibly beneficial but the most important is to have important information written down somewhere. You should list the exact due dates for important tests, essays, events and also for some “you time”. If you have a sports tournament next weekend, write it down but also find time in your schedule to make sure you have time to do the work you won’t be able to do during the tournament.

Try to have a fixed timetable
Having a fixed timetable will benefit you in more ways than one. Not only will you be able to keep track of when you’re busy but also of when you have time to work, hang out with friends, catch up on your favourite shows and simply relax. This will also enable you to find out when your dedicated study time can be.

Create a dedicated study time
If you have a lot going on; team practice, piano class, school, etc, then creating a dedicated study time is one of the most beneficial things you can do. Set up a specific time where you get work done. Try to get as much work done during that specific time so that you have at the very least that time of productive working amidst your week.

A list of all the little things you can do

  • Take advantage of “dead time”
  • Make a to-do list every day
  • Keep your work with you. This way if you have time freed up you can actually get work done and be productive.
  • Find the time at which you are the most productive

By following these tips you should be able to manage your time better, but don’t forget to leave yourself some free time to relax, destress and live spontaneously. You don’t want your life to feel like a routine.

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