Beer Festival in Zug!


For those who aren’t already aware, the Zug Craft-Beer Brewfest is an annual festival celebrating locally crafted beers! Having taken place for the 3rd year last Saturday (12th October), it was an excellent event for both members of ISZL and the local community to come together and celebrate the amazingly crafted brews. An opportunity for small businesses to showcase their wares, the Brewfest (while primarily aimed at those over 16) is a fantastic family event hosted by Bachweg Brewing, based in Edlibach. 

The Brewfest had an impressive nine different craft-breweries competing for the title of Zug Brewfest People’s Choice Award (Ponäly Beer went home with that trophy). Complemented by a couple of food trucks and live music, the festival was a fun day for the 300+ people that attended! Even for those who couldn’t drink (or just needed to wash down all the beer), Cedar Bulgaria was selling soft drinks. Better yet, ISZL’s very own Teacher Band performed along with other independent bands! What could be nicer than local beer and live music?

To say the least, the Brewfest was an incredible success for everyone involved and all who attended. If you couldn’t make it this year, be sure to try it next time! You can find out more about this year’s Brewfest at their website (linked here), their Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.