Bonding with the Local Community

Senior Initiatives give rise to whatever this year’s seniors want to see change about ISZL – from mayonnaise-in-the-cafeteria committee to prom committee. Another of these initiatives is the integration committee. A group believing in the importance of our relationship with the local community and the reputation of the school. They have set about building bridges and breaking down prejudices.

It’s no secret that our school has a reputation with the local community and there is distance between much of our community and the locals. This is why this initiative is important. Already, students are working with local elderly homes in preparation for performances of ISZL musicians in Christmas concerts this December. 

Furthermore, connections with Zuwebe (a local organisation providing work and equal opportunities for those with disabilities) are being made, inviting them to ISZL concerts and events including the great Battle of the Bands! This will hopefully make us, as a whole, feel more integrated. It’s a step in the direction we need to take as a community, hopefully, to stretch our ‘bubble’ a little more. 

Important to note: this initiative is not exclusive to seniors! Everyone should make an effort to connect with the Swiss culture and people in any way they can – and if you have any suggestions on how we can further reach out to the local community, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section!