Breaking the Cycle: a project

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Some of you may know this, and some of you may not, but a group of 3 senior girls have set up a project to help bring clean drinking water to Ghana. The girls are Romane T., Marta G., and Martina R., and their project is called “Breaking the Cycle” (BTC). During the PDW week, all three of them went to Kokrobite in Ghana, where they helped build a playground and cistern in the local community. The building of a cistern was to help provide clean water to the locals, and this is something the girls became passionate about and wanted to continue after the PDW week/experience was over. 

This is how they launched the project and what they hope to achieve:

Marta G.: “We had just come back from Ghana, and there are many issues there, and obviously one of them is water. So I spoke to my dad about it and he is the CEO of a company called THIELMANN, which is a container company that works with the US army to help provide water.”

Romane T.: “We presented to them everything we had seen in Ghana, and told them that it was a serious problem and that they have the expertise and the equipment to help us. Additionally, they would also get brand exposure, and they said yes to financing the project. they have started with designing the structure for the water systems and now we’re looking at other companies as well. For example to help with renewable energy.”

Marta G.: “Currently we don’t want to put all the pressure on this company, THIELMANN, and are therefore looking to work with other companies, for example, Tesla.”

Their goal is to break the cycle of poverty through education, and poor quality of water is a barrier to education. Many children die every year due to waterborne diseases because they don’t have access to clean water. As you can see, this project is already heavy on the way to becoming a great success. Not only is this a major extension to the Ghana PDW, but is also a vital project to bringing potable water to the rest of Ghana, and not just Kokrobite. 

If you want to keep updated about the progress of the project, or to read more information about what the project is, or to support the Breaking the Cycle project you can do so on the following…

Website: CLICK HERE 

Instagram: CLICK HERE

All images from the BTC project. 

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