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Cornwall PDW

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This Post Might Sound Corny…

When going into grade 11 it was a shock to me that after 6 years of attending ISZL, I could finally choose a PDW to go on. The variety of locations and activities seemed incredible to me, and reminded me of how privileged I was to go to this school. I wanted to choose a PDW where I would be able to engage in helping others, and also have an impact in some way on either the environment, or the people around me. This is why I chose the Cornwall PDW.

The PDW is located in Cornwall, England and focuses its work with a charity named ‘People and Gardens’. Throughout the week, we as a group were able to work one on one with volunteers who had learning disabilities or mental health issues. We engaged in work such as plant picking, wheelbarrow work, bird house building or cleaning and clearing out areas.

A fair amount of the work was done inside the greenhouse owned by People and Garden’s, but some work was also done around it and occasionally on the fields outside.




One aspect of the PDW that I enjoyed was that every lunch we would sit as a huge group and talk amongst each other, yet most lunchtimes we also played cricket and football which we soon found that the volunteers at People and Gardens were very good at.


For me, I felt as though this PDW was one of my best experiences as I was able to talk and work with different people every day, as well as learn more about the people themselves, not just the group in general. This trip made me realise why we had raised money and done events such as bake sales and bubble soccer, as once you finally arrive at the PDW, it is evident that the money is going to such a great cause and even makes you want to raise more.

I would highly recommend this PDW to anyone going into grade 11 or 12 who wants to experience a trip where you have the ability to not only work with amazing people, but also come out of your comfort zone. Personally, I find that I am not the most confident when speaking, especially around people I have just met. However, this trip really helped me to practice with this and become more comfortable in new situations.

If you would like to look further into the group People and Garden’s and what they do, you can visit the following website:


Thank you for reading about the Cornwall trip, and I hope the other PDW’s went well too!

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