Cruelty free cosmetics in Switzerland

Over the past couple of years, you might have noticed a trend in cruelty-free products, more specifically, cruelty-free makeup. More and more brands are promoting the fact that they’re cruelty-free, and smaller cruelty-free brands are appearing on the market. The concept of cruelty-free is great. Knowing that nobody was harmed in the process of getting a product on the shelf is always positive and reassuring. Overall, being consciously cruelty-free gives you a good feeling. I’ve been attempting to try out more cruelty-free cosmetics myself, but that means researching which brands are cruelty-free or not. 

The hardest thing I’ve found is trying to find brands that are entirely cruelty-free. Some brands claim they’re cruelty-free, but are owned by a parent company that isn’t cruelty-free. Some of the largest parent companies are Estée Lauder, Shisheido, and L’Oréal Paris. A quick trick I’ve found is that if a company sells in China, it is not cruelty-free. Chinese law requires brands to test on animals to ensure that they can sell there. 

All of the brands that are going to be listed here are ones that are available in Switzerland because that’s where we’re all based right now. 

Brands that are owned by a non cruelty- free parent company:

1) The Body Shop (owned by L’Oréal Paris)

Find it in the Body Shop stores or in Coop City stores. 

2) Urban Decay (owned by L’Oréal Paris)

Find this brand in Marionnaud parfumerie stores. 

3) NYX (owned by L’Oréal Paris)

You can find NYX in most Coop City and Manor stores. 

Brands that are not owned by a non cruelty-free company: 

1) Lush

Visit the Lush stores for their products.

2) Catrice

Available in Müller, Migros and Coop.

3) Essence

Can be found in most Migros, Coop, and Müller stores.

4) Gosh

Small Danish brand, can be found in Coop City.

Of course, whether you choose to buy parent-company brands is completely up to you. You can choose how “cruelty-free” you are and how dedicated you decide to be. Most of these brands are relatively affordable, with the exception of some, such as Urban Decay.