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In light of the upcoming exam season/half year for the IB and AP students, I thought it only fitting to discuss our most stressful time throughout our highschool careers!

No need to fear, we have been preparing for this for the last two years, so let’s make the most of it! Here are a couple of tips I thought would be useful for all of us:

  1. Make the most of what you already have done for you

Quizlets, print outs and revision sheets go a long way. Rather than making all your own vocab cue cards, just make the most of textbook glossarys and quizlets made by your peers and teachers. Also, look at your textbooks to see if they have attached revision sheets for each chapter, these can go a long way whilst trying to maximize time and whilst going over all your notes the day before an exam.

      2. Pick a time a place

To avoid procrastination and be most productive whilst you work make timetables. Week by week try to plan out what you want to study. Make to do lists subject by subject including chapters, tasks and anything you need. Also we are creatures of habit, so get yourself into a routine. Try and wake up at the same time, study at the same time but also leave yourself time to relax and have fun every day. We don’t want to drive ourselves insane!

Let’s make this as tolerable as we can everyone! WE CAN DO IT!!!!

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