Eye-catching ISZL Autumn Style

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As the weather turns colder jumpers get thicker, shoes get bigger and layers get more plentiful. With such a wide range of personalities at ISZL there are always unique styles and beautiful pieces, always something eye-catching walking through our halls.

Willemijn and Laurel

Willemijn and Laurel

On Wednesday Willemijn and Laurel (Grade 10) wore comfy jumpers layered over cute tees paired with jeans. They both wore casual sneakers, which are ideal for autumn. Laurel said that she usually “likes to shop at Jack Wills” whilst Willemijn “prefers Zara“. They both “like wearing grey, black or white in the winter” as it “matches with the season”.

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The same day Laura (Grade 11) also wore a lot of layers, a jumper over a white blouse paired with a berry cardigan and leggings. Laura’s “style icon is Kristen Stewart because she wears what she wants and she doesn’t really care about what people think about what she wears. (She) tries to do that too, and (tries to) copy the colours she wears”. Laura’s style is always eye-catching as she keeps up with latest styles and wears beautiful but individual pieces. “Autumn and Winter are (her) favourite seasons so (she) was looking forward to this a lot because of the big jumpers and comfy clothes”.

There are so many more inspiring fashionistas at ISZL, sitting in the cafeteria, walking around the halls, sitting next to you in class or even staring back at you in the mirror.

If you need more inspiration for fall style you can go to this link for some unique ideas straight from the catwalk.

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