Fashion Show 2015

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Riverside Fashion has never looked better. Friday 13th of March, the annual Project Runway fashion show commenced, in which the Grade 9 visual arts students showcased their surrealist outfits to the whole school. Our designers and models have been planning, preparing and practicing for months in order to put together the best and most surrealist outfit. But that was not their only mission. On top of that, every fashion show has a theme, this year’s was surprise.


All grade 9 visual arts students had to compete in the hope of winning one of the three awards; most surrealist, most surprising and most skilled. Of course before the beginning of this long and arduous project, the students had to do a lot of research and preparation including some very detailed plans and modelling lessons from Derek Zoolander. Once the plans were done, the rest of the students that it thought it would be easy. but very sadly this is a competition and there isn’t enough materials for everyone.


The lessons started with checking on what had been stolen and broken and desperately searching for the one responsible. Slowly those several materials gathered started to look like an actual outfit and the 9th graders were ready for the final steps. All groups had to organise a photo shoot with their models in their outfits sporting some fantabulous poses.


The feared assembly of the Friday 13th came very quickly and the models with only a very short catwalking lesson were ready to rule the stage. The models squished into their costumes and had some last minute make-up and tweaking before they were ready to pass before the judgmental eyes of the jury. For many, it was a tumultuous and uncomfortable walk all the way down the catwalk but everyone managed. Our complex jury composed of Mr.Monk, Mr. Dalesio and Ms. Hancock deliberated on the prizes. The final winners for most surprising was “Birdman”, the most skilled design was “Fashion for passion” whilst most surreal outfit was for the “Magritte” group. Congratulations to all participants and to the winners!

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