Feel the Bern!


20 minutes passed, and the Bern team had not yet arrived. Impatiently  waiting, the ISZL Varsity football team practiced their passes, their shooting and their headers; subsequently getting their body temperatures high enough to withstand the cold Friday evening air. The illuminated field lights casted a spotlight on the huddled team who were strategically discussing team tactics and spreading words of encouragement.

When the Bern team finally arrived, it was just a matter of time and warming up before the game was ready to begin. Finally, the first pass occurred. Our eyes followed the fast moving ball: left, right, up and across the pitch. Fortunately, the football was mostly within possession of our eagles, and amazingly, our first goal was scored by Natascha K during the first 2 minutes!

Filled with joy and relief, the eagles maintained their high spirits especially after our second (brilliant- may I add) goal, which was scored by our very own captain Hayley P. Despite the game taking a few violent turns (hope you are OK Natascha!), our Varsity team pushed through and finished the game off with an extraordinary score of 0-7!

Make sure to congratulate any of the varsity girls if you see them around, and wish them luck for their upcoming tournament in Lausanne. They are true champions!