Georgia – HoISZL

Georgia - HoISZL

If you know anything about Georgia you know she is a very strong academic student, being one of the few 12th graders who has applied for Cambridge this year. If you don’t know her just conjure up a picture of Hermione Granger and you’re pretty much there (though perhaps with slightly curlier hair). Not only is she academically blessed but she takes part in many school activities and is always willing to lend a hand to anybody who needs it, wether they ask her to or not! Her dedication, warm heart and (most importantly) delicious baking is what makes her a wonderful Human of ISZL.

She even looks like Wonder Woman sometimes...
She even looks like Wonder Woman sometimes…

She started on her first AP’s in 10th grade, already completing AB Calculus whilst most of her peers were still in grade 10 extended. She continued on with BC Calculus last year (receiving a 5 in both I may add) and now TA’s for the class and takes part in additional IB maths classes. Last year she took Physics 1 and 2 and is now onto physics C, if you didn’t already guess Georgia wants to do maths and physics at university. Georgia chose to do these subjects because “maths has been one of (her) favourite subjects for a long time, and physics was a separate subject for one year but it was (her) favourite science and it made the most sense to” her. If you are thinking of applying to top universities she recommends to start early, “if you’re in 11th grade you should already be building up a reading list for what you want to put in your personal statement”, the early you start the “more time you have to go over stuff and edit it later”.

Georgia in the school play, Hay Fever
Georgia in the school play, Hay Fever

Though she may have a little bit of natural smarts in her she also works incredibly hard to get the grades she does, “doing as many practise papers as possible” before exams is her biggest tip as “knowledge is only going to help you up to a certain point, knowing how to sit an exam is the most important”. On top of her own studies she is often seen helping her class mates during lunch or break or whenever they can grab her really. Almost every lunch time she can be seen helping someone with economics, maths, physics or anything else she can get her head around. As I was conducting her interview she was asked about an economics concept which she quickly explained.

Georgia in India

And as if that wasn’t enough she is also dedicated to netball, symphonia and the school play in which she has a leading part. She also goes to a Maths lecture at the University of Zürich every Thursday. Balancing this heavy schedule is based upon prioritising, “if I know I have a lot of work then sometimes I know I have to skip the extracurricular” says Georgia. I personally can hardly keep upon my limited schedule as it is, so to add anything else onto it would be disastrous. Georgia however can handle anything with grace.

Georgia helping to build the cistern with Ghana PDW
Georgia helping to build the cistern for Ghana PDW

For her PDW she went to India where they visited two schools and a tribal village, playing football and volleyball with the kids there. They also went to a urban garden “which was pretty cool because they were making use of wasted space and planting vegetables or doing bee keeping”. They are still trying to raise money to send back to the schools to ensure that as many children are educated as possible. As well as this Georgia helped with the building of the cistern at ISZl for Ghana PDW, because “she’s a nice human being” as best friend Ellie put it. Georgia laughed this off, saying that she “had free time and it seemed like a very worth while cause, they just needed help so why not?”.

It’s things like this that make Georgia the amazing person she is, not only is she incredibly smart but she is also caring and completely selfless in everything that she does. She really is an inspirational student and someone that I’m sure we will all be reading about in a proper newspaper someday.

…but I must say I am a little bias because she’s my best friend!