Getting to Know your Student Council: Camilla Elizabeth R.


Three years ago Camilla arrived at ISZL from Japan as a ninth grade student. Before making her way to Switzerland she lived in Italy which is where she comes from, however due to her dad’s job she moved to Japan or at least was supposed to. They were just settling in when the earthquake hit and the radiations caused her family to come to Switzerland.

Camilla is our G11 student council student representative. When I asked her how student council had shaped her she answered that it has lead to her to know more people across different grades and be more comfortable with the work to be done around the school, “it’s something I really enjoy”.  She says that it made her more aware of what was going on in the school and has worked hard to try to integrate people into school life. Even though, it is a lot of responsibility, and involves leadership, and weekly meetings Camilla finds it a positive experience.

I also asked Camilla what she thought was her biggest life achievement. After quite a long think about it she shared that it was the way she was able to lead “a double life” as she put it, by having been able to adapt to new customs and Swiss traditions when she moved here while still being able to go back to Italy in a completely different environment and remember all the customs there.

Although she is not sure what to do as a career, Camilla says she would like to study politics in university. She shared that with everything going in the world, she believes that there are many opportunities in this area. However, Camilla says that she doesn’t necessarily want to go into politics but maybe international relations or the UN. The good thing about a politics and international relations course she says, “is that it enables you to do other things even if you change your mind.”

Despite being so busy with school work and student council, Camilla also takes part in many extra curricular activities. In autumn she is part of the volleyball team and in winter she is part of the swim team. You would think that is all but no! Camilla also takes weekly cello lessons.

Finally I asked her to think of a fun fact or a funny story about herself and the answer was quite surprising when comparing the calm and studious person she is today.

“I was a pretty… not mean kid, but I had a lot of energy all the time until about fifth grade. So I remember once I had a friend and she was just like me. We were like you know those kids that were really annoying they always stand up and they never sit down or whatever and then once.. Well I used to collect pencil leads and so I would always have all these little pieces of lead and then once with that friend during math class, I kinda hated math sorry Ms. Koch, and we crushed the lead with a ruler and added some water and we created this kind of squishy muddy thing and it was so gross! And we took it and put it in the teacher’s bag, and I still feel really bad now, anyways she went there and she was such a lovely teacher I really don’t know why we did that, and she grabbed her bag and we had put it all over the handles so she started screaming and screaming.” Unfortunately Camilla and her friends were caught…

So there you have it Camilla Elizabeth R.: student council member, star student, extra curricular queen, and misbehaved primary schooler!