Give Yourself a Break!

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If there is something valuable that I have learnt from high school it is to give myself a break. There are of course two ways to look at this and I will discuss both. 

This school values academics a lot and it is sometimes hard to not feel stressed and over-worked. We have all sat there, writing an essay until late at night, trying to get it done before the morning. Obviously, it is usually a situation which we try to avoid but it is quite difficult. When you have been working away for several hours it is vital to just give yourself a break, and I don’t mean take out your phone and just scroll through Instagram. Get up! Go walk to the kitchen or talk to some family member or walk around your garden (maybe not late at night). This will make you feel more awake and will hopefully stop you from getting bored. It will also air your mind from thinking about the same thing for a long time. You will also be more efficient and be able to look at your work more critically. If you have to work on several assignments it is also good to rotate between them to keep your mind awake and interested. 

Now we move on to the more meaningful way to give yourself a break. It feels like sometimes we are expected to be superheroes by balancing schoolwork, extra-curricular and also thinking about universities and colleges (which our school stresses a lot). But give yourself a break! This isn’t the decisive point of your life and yes you will be stressed and overworked but breathe and calm down. We are all teenagers just going to high school. If you didn’t get that grade you wanted, who cares? It’s not going to be tattooed on you forever. If you missed that goal in that game, life goes on. And if you’re freaking out because you have no idea what you want to do with your life, people already in college still have no clue. So give yourself a break! None of us have it together or have any clue what we’re doing. So have fun and do what you like once in a while because this is high school and things don’t go as planned. It’s not the end of the world!

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