Grade 10 PDW


This year, we had the incredible opportunity of going on a sailing trip in the Netherlands for our Personal Development Week. It definitely was a significantly different PDW experience than what we had in the previous years, and it pushed the majority of us immensely out of our comfort zones. First and foremost, most of us didn’t have the slightest background regarding sailing or living sustainably on a boat. Unlike the other PDW trips, where our basic needs were generally provided for us, here we had to cook, clean and sail, in order to have a successful journey. While some of us became experts on how to cook for twenty people at once, some of us were learning how to clean toilets and wash the dishes, which are skills that will be essential for us in the future. Furthermore, each and every one ofus gained at least the minimal sailing skills which could be very useful as well.


Since there were six boats that each had around 15-20 students and two teachers, we were pushed

to collaborate and work with our peers who might not have been from our regular social circles and thus, we made new connections and bonded over the fact that we were dependent on one another. We also had the opportunity to explore  one of the ravishing islands that was on our route and got to enjoy spending a day there. Finally, although the weather wasn’t ideal for sailing, it created a cozy atmosphere as it obliged us to stay inside at times and interact with one another. It is safe to say that many of us experienced personal growth and made new friendships during this PDW and even if someone didn’t, they certainly gained a very unique experience. 9th graders, you can definitely look forward to next year!