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A fusion of sci-fi and comedy, this year’s play seems to have devoured the hearts of theatre enthusiasts. The plot follows the story of a meek florist’s assistant Seymour Krelborn (Fabrizio) who comes across a unique breed of carnivorous plant he ends up naming “Audrey II” – after his colleague crush (Mikayla). What was at first a shop soon to be going out of business, becomes the most popular florist in town when the public hears about Seymour’s discovery of an exotic new species. As time goes on, Audrey II begins to want more and more blood, making Seymour ask himself where he could get this kind of food. He does not have to wait long for an answer, when he and Mr. Mushnik (Joey) find out how Audrey’s boyfriend Orin (Cillian) has really been treating her.

Not only have the members of our school been intrigued by the dark satire this theatre production has to offer, but their experience has also been enhanced by aspects beyond the storyline. The directing, lighting, sound effects and the scenic and costume design have made the play look all the more professional, allowing for a range of skills to be made a part of the project. It is clear that the performance could not have been what it was without team effort.

As well as this, the play has made many of us consider topics such as self-worth and the true meaning of happiness. The writers behind this piece are expressing – in a gruesomely whimsical way – that business success may not be all that it is cracked up to be, and that revenge may not be as sweet as we expect. Whilst Audrey struggles with confidence, Seymour becomes even more blinded by his love for her, willing to do anything it takes to win her heart.



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