How much of our behaviour is genetics to blame?

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Humans are the result of a combination between genetics and experience. The overarching idea of this article is the classic Nature vs Nurture argument. Even our behaviour may be caused by genetics and what’s pre-programmed inside of us. But to what extent are genetics to blame for our behaviour?

Throughout history, it was believed that children are to have inherited their parents traits – even the behavioural side. This much controversy led to scientific studies (mostly done through looking at statistics) regarding the behavioural differences between kids and their parents.

It was determined from the results that different behaviours are affected by different things, and that some were indeed genetically determined. A couple of examples include aggressiveness, interests (reading, building, cooking) and intelligence. Sometimes, they are determined by a combination of genetics and experience. And genetics are certainly not something you can just pass the blame onto because often they are not the sole cause of who you are.

As interesting as the correlation between genetics and behaviour is, perhaps it is not particularly relevant to today’s world. We need to understand that people are who they are for a number of reasons and often it’s deeper than we might think.

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