How to Find Your Own Style

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When discovering your own style, the golden rule is, “wear what makes you feel good”. Style is not such a definitive thing that exposes your essence and deepest secrets to the world. So don’t be afraid to experiment: style and dressing up can be a fun way to make gray days seem a little more vivid!


1. Try new things.

2. Find people whose style you admire. These people can be style bloggers (for example Instagram bloggers @TheFashionGuitar and @songofstyle), friends, and people around you. It’s ok to imitate someone’s style: just try not to become a clone.

3. Stop caring about the opinions of others.

4. Wear what makes you feel comfortable.

5. Invest in basic staple pieces. An outfit doesn’t have to be elaborate to be flattering.

7. Bring a trusted friend with you to go shopping: try things you wouldn’t normally wear and go outside of your comfort zone. Your friend will hopefully provide wise words and tasteful honesty.

8. Don’t be restricted by “fashion rules”. Be bold and wear clothes that you feel most comfortable in, no matter if they abide by rules or trends.

Life is too short to wear boring clothes: if you like something, wear it!




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