How to Make Class More Enjoyable

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I, for one, enjoy going to class and learning about the world around me whether it is maths, biology, geography, or languages, I find going to class enjoyable. However, I do know that sometimes it can feel like you’re going into class in 2017 and coming out 2 years later without even having paid attention. As class drags on, you look at the clock or attempt to make time pass by going on Facebook, Instagram, or gaming on your computer. But you know what? That is not the way to make class go faster!

I have found out from personal experience that class time goes much faster if you actually pay attention to the teacher and participate fully as your mind will be occupied at all times, ergo making time go by much faster. In addition, take lots of notes! Writing away or typing away will make time fly. The best thing about this technique is that while you are making time wiz by, you are also learning and eventually boosting your marks. 

Another advantage to participating in class is that you will avoid the awkward silences that follow when the teacher asks a question and no one decides to answer… By answering, not only will you show the teacher that you understand and are paying
attention (and not leave them hanging for too long) but you will also the whole class’ time and therefore avoid falling behind with the course. Participating is crucial to the functioning of class time because everyone’s input is valuable. Even if you give the wrong answer you may trigger something in someone else’s mind and help them figure out the answer. Having your input allows everyone’s gears to turn. 

All in all there is really no going wrong if you follow these three instructions:

  • Participate
  • Take notes
  • Pay attention


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