How to Protect Your Mental Health from Exam Stress



  • Make a schedule


      1. Making a schedule which sets out when you will be studying what will give you confidence regarding the exams. You won’t feel as overwhelmed and will understand that with a little bit of structure, you can succeed.


  • Eat and drink well


      1. A healthy diet and staying hydrated will aid your mind and enable you to function in a productive manner until you get through your exams.


  • Do some exercise


      1. Healthy body, healthy mind. Doing exercise will free your mind from your worries regarding your exams and it will help you focus, feel energized and gain motivation to be productive.


  • Sleep well


      1. Sleeping a solid 8 hours every night will provide you with a balanced state of productivity. It will enable your brain to function effectively and be more alert, as well as be more open to learning.


  • Take a warm bath


      1. During times of stress it is important to reward yourself. Taking a warm bath will relax you physically and enable you to escape your stress.


  • Try some breathing exercises


      1. We all feel anxious sometimes and it is important that we try different breathing exercises to reduce our stress and prevent panic. These will encourage you to stop overthinking and have a more balanced perspective.


  • Stop working at least 30 minutes before going to sleep


      1. Prior to going to sleep, it is healthy to engage in activities that relax you and make you feel happy. If you go to sleep right after working, you may end the day feeling stressed and may not be able to sleep well.


  • Work a few hours every day


      1. While it is certainly attractive to procrastinate, you need to recognize that doing so will only lead to increasing stress and overthinking. If you do a certain amount of studying every day, you will feel more confident about the exams.


  • Listen to music


      1. Find the music that soothes you and fulfils you and go to it when you feel overwhelmed. It will help you relax and enjoy yourself.


  • Remember that whatever you do, time will pass, and it will be over 


    1. This is a fact.