Humans of ISZL – Liza


If you have ever met Elizaveta, much better known as Liza, you would definitely know that she is an incredibly positive and energetic person. Many may argue that it is annoying, but once you get used to it like I have, it becomes very inspiring.

Liza was born in Russia, in Moscow, where she lived for the first five years of her life. She doesn’t quite remember it, however it is where she first met her passion, visual arts. Since her mom was always very talented and creative, they started doing various art projects together and even though Liza was extremely young, she soon realized how much she loved it. Once she turned 5, they had to move to Switzerland due to her dad’s work and Liza continued her path in arts after this move. She started going to a ‘puppet making class’ where she could express her creativity freely and for a year she seriously considered doing it for a career.

This is one of her drawings from when she was very young.

Meanwhile, Liza was attending the Luzern campus of our school which was extremely small and her class only had 6 people. She didn’t get many opportunities there to pursue her art and was quite closed to people outside of her family and dogs. In 3rd grade, she met her first real friend and through this bond, she started opening up to people more and becoming more social. As her parents had always taught her to have something to look forward to and make sure to not over think things enough to feel bad about them, she had always been a happy person and as she became more confident, she spread her happiness to others as well. She says that whenever she feels down, she starts working on her art and takes her mind off of the things that bother her.

In grade 6, she moved to the Zug campus which had a huge impact on her personality and her art. She immediately joined the art club and found herself making new friends. She became an extremely talkative, energetic and confident person and also became a very good friend. She started to get out of her comfort zone and joined different sports and clubs. Of course she kept improving her art, by participating in an intense art class outside of school and also becoming more open about her artwork.

In the future she wants to keep pursuing her passion and definitely have a career which is based around art or interior design. I have no doubt that she dreams of living in a city full of art and culture which can inspire her and one day she wants to teach her kids her skills as well. If you don’t know Liza, please go talk to her right now because she is one of the most amazing people I know.