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IB or AP, and then what?

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Lately, Grade 10s have been getting many presentations on IB and AP and what classes to take depending on what they want to do with their future. Despite the simplicity of the question; IB or AP, it comes with a slightly more pressurising decision, what am I going to do for the rest of my life?

The past week has been for many, quite pressurising especially those who had never even considered the question. The students are being guided by teachers who have taken time to explain the different courses that can be taken from their subject. Ms Marksteiner and Ms Scholte also held a myth busters session, elaborating on the many myths of the IB and the AP. As much as teachers want to help us and inform us in the end, the students are going to have to make a choice, but how. Information is coming from everywhere about how to choose but what do we do. Here are the first few steps.

Pay attention to the way you learn

AP is all about one exam while IB also has coursework in it. Do not get confused, exams still need to be taken for the IB and in some courses they can count for up to 80% of your grade. The biggest difference between IB and AP; the course choices. In AP you can pick and choose (as long as you have a minimum of five classes), you hate Math, don’t take it. In IB you are required to take six courses from the six different categories, you hate Math, you’re stuck with it. This depends on if you’re better at specific subjects or if you’re more of an all-around student.

Look at colleges

Yes, we know, it takes time and it’s stressful. Looking at colleges is very important though to figure out what courses are required. You don’t need to pick colleges, you don’t even need to pick a country yet. Just look at what subjects you are interested in and what course universities need you to take in order to study that subject.

Talk to teachers

Talk to your teacher, if they don’t teach the course, they know who does. Those teachers know how tough the course is on students and what the course will teach you. They can also predict approximately how good you will be able to perform in that course.

Let’s be honest at some point decisions are going to have to be made, however much help and guidance there is, but make sure to be informed and pay attention to what you like and are good at. If you’re still confused, here‘s some more info on the difference.

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