Is Listening to Music in Class Beneficial?



What are the effects of listening to music in class?

Many teachers allow students to listen to music when doing their individual class work, but does music actually help you learn?

Music actually decreases your stress levels, which then improves your overall health. A study from the US National Library of Medicine done on your body’s reaction to music showed that people’s immune systems were boosted when they played an instrument, particularly when playing percussion instruments. Those researchers have also found that if you listen to music, it helps you learn and retain information. Another beneficial attribute of music is the improved focus and mood. Music often makes people feel happier, and when studying or working for long periods of time, it can provide endurance. Some students have also found that listening to music helps with their memorization, as the memory formation is indirectly boosted by the positive mood music creates.

Despite this, music can tend to be more distracting instead of helping students. While doing a reading or writing task, music can be more distracting and in consequence, students don’t absorb as much information. Students who have found music helpful when memorizing often need to listen to the same song in order to remember what to do, which is impossible in silent test environments.