It – Movie Review


As Halloween is rapidly approaching, this brilliantly made thriller, directed by Andy Muschietti and based on the 1986 novel by Stephen King, is the ideal movie to watch.

‘It’ centers on the horrifying summer of seven young outcasts from Derry, Maine. They are victimized by a terrifying, murderous clown called Pennywise, who appears every 27 years and takes it upon itself to prey on the town’s innocent children, who already are suffering from their surroundings. Since the clown has the power to shapeshift into the biggest fears of its victims, every single one of the kids has his or her own storyline and therefore has to overcome his or her most secluded horrors. This enables the movie to address many issues which are common amongst adolescents and these include bullying, sexual harassment and social anxiety. Eventually, fate, and the common interest in hunting down a killer clown, brings the ‘loser club’ together, and they find strength in one another as well.

The actors of the children certainly do a wonderful job in portraying their unique and quirky characters, since they reflect the perfect amount of emotional depth, while also delivering many witty and humorous lines. While Richie Tozier does a remarkable job of being the comic relief and Bill Denbrough portrays an anxious kid who develops into a charming hero, the true star of the movie is Sophia Lillis, the sole female lead in the movie. Her character Beverly is depicted as damaged, however she manages to find bravery within herself and inspires others in the process.


The movie has a slightly retro atmosphere and it manages to combine dusky and colorful, which reflects the movie’s tone as well. Although it has many jump scares and is quite graphic with its violent scenes at times, in the aftermath you come to realize that it isn’t hauntingly scary, perhaps due to its many amusing scenes. Finally, the only flaw that I 

have found with ‘It’ is that even though Pennywise is superbly scary and engaging at the same time, they could have done a better job at telling the story behind its character and at expressing why it has decided to become the vicious clown that it is. Overall, ‘It’ is an outstanding movie and is the perfect movie to watch this time of the year, unless you have a fear of clowns.