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One of our CAS groups has recently been focusing on the migrant crisis. Through their research the world awareness group has narrowed down the reasons why people migrate. This is due to conflict, economic struggle and simply looking for new life opportunities. This is a struggle that is going on throughout the whole world causing high death rates and low success rate. Many refugees are currently in camps, unable to move further and many are being sent back to their country of origin.

Although this issue may not be one that is directly impacting us, it concerns everyone as we know that this issue will get worse for various reasons. Many organisations have been helping and it goes further than just donating money. Here they are:

  • Médecins Sans Frontières: In one day alone rescued 1,658 people
  • Aylan Kurdi Fund: Fund named in honour of the drowned boy. All proceeds will go to the humanitarian agency Hand in Hand for Syria.
  • Refugee Council: £100 could pay for the education and travel for two children for a week.
  • Unicef: UN’s children’s charity is provides clean water, medicine and psychological support.  £9 could provide an emergency water kit.
  • Save the Children: £50 could buy two hygiene kits including soap, towels and toothbrushes.
  • British Red Cross: £30 could buy 28 mats to help Syria refugees cope with the cold.
  • Islamic Relief: Three families could be fed for a month on a donation of £210
  • Migrant Offshore Aid Station: The charity which runs independent rescue boats to rescue migrants at risk of drowning has seen a huge spike in donations since pictures of the drowned Syrian boy emerged.

If you feel like you want to be more involved contact one of the members of the world awareness group or Ms Wasner.

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