Ms. Kreuzbauer on Respect Motivate Achieve

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Ms. Kreuzbauer on Respect Motivate Achieve

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We have all heard of the school’s mantra: “Respect, Motivate, Achieve”, but what do these three words really mean to our community? This is the second of many interviews with members of ISZL that aims to understand the values behind our mission statement and how these beliefs bring us all together. This week, Ms. Kreuzbauer shares her view.


Who do you respect? Why do you respect this person?

Generally, I’m trying to respect everybody because I think respect is the basis of any good relationship, whether it be private or professional, but I think the person that I respect the most is my mum. She has just been an amazing person. She went through very hard times in her life, and she still managed to get all three of us (we are three siblings) through university and she has given us an education that we can really be proud of, as well as the values to be respectful towards others that we encounter.


What motivates you? Why is this your motivation?

Good question. For me, motivation is not walking towards a goal, it is what you encounter on the way there. There is a German saying that states that “Der Weg ist das Ziel.”, meaning that everything that you do to achieve, is pushing you and encouraging you. If you really want to be good at something, if you really want to succeed at something, it starts with step one. Getting the motivation from friends, family, peers and colleagues, in order to come to a respectful product in the end. So it is really motivating, everything that you do, on your way to the goal that you are actually trying to reach. For me, this is being a good nurse and being a good mum.


What do you feel that you have achieved in your lifetime? What would you like to achieve in the future?

What have I achieved? A career that I really love, that I am really really proud of. I pursued this career not because I did not know what to do, but because this was something that I always wanted to do. Now I have a job that I am happy to go to when I get up in the morning. It is not like, “Oh, yet another day!”. I am really happy to go to work, and to be helpful, and of course in the future I would love to have this positive feeling about my career, and about nursing in general. Here I have the privilege to work with young kids, and I would really like to know the end of it all. By this I mean, when I leave the school, I would like to know that I left with the children having learnt something, that they are in good health socially and physically. I would like to encourage people to be positive in what they do, to look forward to their careers. I want to be an example for my own kids, and an example for you guys, and in the end, I would like to be a good nurse.

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