Review of Tanz Der Vampire

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Two weeks ago, twenty students visited Vienna for a german and music trip. The entire trip was an amazing experience, though one thing in particular stood out to me. The musical “Tanz der Vampire” or in english “Dance of the Vampires”. Before having watched the musical, I hadn’t been very interested in either the storyline, nor the songs. Personally, I don’t find the german language particularly flattering, especially when being sung. But, I was proven wrong.

The storyline is difficult to explain, but it’s basically about this student named Alfred, who travels, together with his professor, to Transylvania. There he falls deeply in love with a girl named Sarah. She has other plans though, and one night she runs away to her lover, who’s sort of the “king” of the vampires. His name is Graf von Krolock. The professor and Alfred follow her into the castle, and get trapped inside. At this point, the play keeps turning into dreams Sarah has about becoming a vampire.  Sarah and Graf von Krolock sing a very famous song, called Total Eclipse of the Heart, which, together with the background singers, gives you goosebumps. In the end, there’s a huge plot twist…

Even though everything in the musical is very confusing, the background images, costumes, acting and singers, made the musical one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen. Already the gigantic theater, beautiful sculptures and paintings made the show extraordinary. On stage, so many levels were build up, in the smartest way possible. For example, the graves which the vampires emerge from, also served as life sized paintings. Even the smallest role on stage was played to a maximum. The actor playing Graf von Krolock, stunned the audience by his fascinating and mysterious voice. At one point, while everyone was focusing on the front of the stage, vampires crept around the audience. The majestic actor was close to laviting along walkway.

Dance of the vampire is a modern twist to the musical industry and is definitely worth watching.


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