Sebastian – HoISZL

Sebastian - HoISZL


We asked Sebastian, to tell us his story.

“So I was born in Germany and then I moved, within Germany, 3 times. When I was young I was confused why I moved too much and why my parents had to work too much. Then I moved out of Germany to England. And then I lived there for another 4 and a half years. And then same thing, every other week one of my parents had to go away to their job. But they never specified what their job was and they were working until so late. So I always wondered what their job might be. And in my 3rd year in England I was watching a James Bond movie then I thought to myself, could my parents be spies. I pondered that question for a while. Then I moved to US. It was my first time out of Europe and I found US pretty cool. But the same things happened my parents were working so late and were flying away every other week. So I started to investigate about my earlier question, whether my parents were spies or not. And when I moved for 7th time to California, I really gave it a thought. Maybe I was moving so much because my parents have to keep their identities secret and their enemies can’t find where they live. Recently like 4 weeks ago I moved to Switzerland, back to Europe. Yet again my parents continued to work long shifts. Even last week my dad flew to California HHHMMMM. Now I’m pretty sure my parent are not spies, but I don’t know I’ll keep a close eye on them.”

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