SGIS Varsity Soccer Tournament


Last weekend, our varsity girls went to Lugano in order to compete in the SGIS soccer tournament, which seven other teams attended. They got third place, respectively, and the tournament was packed with many incredible shots, comebacks and victories, as well as many challenges and injuries.


The first game was against Basel and the girls were losing 2-0, however they made a comeback and managed to tie, thanks to Rosanne and Ella. Afterwards, they played TASIS and won with two goals that were both scored by Brynja and although the last game of the first day was a great success as they won 6-0 against LAZ, sadly two members of the other team got injured.


The next day, multiple games were cancelled due to the unfortunate weather, but the ISZL team still played in the semi-finals and eventually the game went into penalties. Although ISZL scored three of the five penalties, Basel ultimately won and ISZL got third place. However, overall it was a very intense tournament and we are extremely proud of the varsity girls, who are also attending another tournament this weekend. We are all wishing the best of luck for our eagles!