Should we Open the Gym?

Last Friday, the CAS group “Exploration of Democracy” which is unique from the rest of the other groups did an interesting referendum. They decided to vote on if the teachers should open the Gym on Thursdays. During the CAS Presentation day, people from other groups would join and tell others their point of view and vote.

I was part of the panel (although everyone got more than one chance to speak). Most of us argued the gym should be open but Pedro, which is the organiser of this made Mr. Wexler and some other teachers oppose the students.

It started a little bit awkward. However, it started to get more exciting as we got into it. Ayush, which always agreed with my view caused the rest to start debating on it. It seems like the students all have similar views. Even Ms. Gorman who closed, agreed students should be allowed in the Gym since she hopes we will be active but she is concerned about if there is adult supervision. 

While talking about adult supervision, somehow, we got to problems that could threaten a person. Mr. Wexler is worried someone would be facing this problem but me and Ayush mentioned there would not be many problems if no one uses the badminton rackets to hit each other or throw basketballs on their head. It could still be a problem if someone has Asthma or similar issues but they should be aware of that themselves! 

We came up with the solution on No Supervision, since it is cold outside and not a lot of people are actually outside, why not move the supervisor outside of the gym. They will be warm in the gym as well. A win-win for both teacher and students.

The main point that Pedro tried to teach the rest is not about the gym, it’s about why voting matters. After all those debates, the results were 22 For, 2 Abstain and 2 Against. And of course, this was just an idea, but the teachers are actually are considering our arguments. Therefore, there might be a chance that the gym is opened on Thursday as well. Fingers Crossed!