South Africa PDW 2017

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South Africa PDW 2017

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Two weeks ago, on Thursday, the members of the South Africa PDW headed off to Zürich airport to begin their adventure. Our journey there took quite some time, leaving Thursday evening and arriving at our first destination in Nambiti Friday evening.

The first two days were mostly spent going on game drives, where we had the opportunity to see loads of wildlife including lions, rhinos, giraffes, hippos, elephants and more.

The next day was dedicated to visiting multiple places and having social interactions with the locals there. We travelled to Khula Crèche, which is where we would later on be doing manual work, and met Ally. Ally is the person in charge of Khula but she does so much more than just lead the operations there, she organized a visit to a local high school for us. I think it’s safe to say we were all blown away by the musical talent we witnessed at that school, so many powerful singers and amazing dancers.

We also got the opportunity to spend some time at the beach and eat at a delicious restaurant called “The Waffle House”. There are hundreds of reasons why this trip is amazing and for which I would recommend it, the Waffle House is 100% included in that.

On the Tuesday some of the boys in our group got the amazing opportunity to spend the morning with rugby club “The Vikings”. The Vikings is a part of the gym that the Genesis Hope Foundation created in order to get kids off of the street and into the gym so that they could participate in something beneficial and enable them to develop themselves and grow as people. During that time we went to meet a very special lady named Aggie. She welcomed us into her home with open hugs and made us all food and drinks to indulge in.

The rest of the days were spent back at the Khula Crèche, where we all worked together to build a wall and rebuild a fence in order to keep the sheep out. This change will make Khula a safer place for the children.

Other highlights of the trip was the time spent at the Elroy Baby Home. Children from birth up to the age of 4, who have either been abandoned or taken out of their homes, stay here. I personally found it quite inspiring to see that young children who had been through so much could still have so much joy and love of life within them. Another highlight was meeting Jaboo while visiting the music school. Jaboo is the student we sponsor through music school in order to help him reach his dream of becoming an opera singer. 

I would love to go back to South Africa and help out within the Genesis Hope foundation again. It was truly an incredible experience and I would recommend it to each and everyone one of you. But when you get the opportunity to pick which PDW to go on, don’t base it on other people’s opinions too much because each and every one of these trips is incredible in its own way and what’s perfect for me might not be for you.

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