Sports Tournaments Survival Guide


Sports tournaments are always great fun, especially if you get to travel, but it may sometimes get a bit tiring and complicated. Here are a few tips and tricks that’ll make your time a bit more relaxing and easier. 

  1. Be prepared 

These trips can often be long and also placed during busy times. You may miss school and it is very important to talk to your teachers beforehand. Although you may think there is no point as you won’t have time to do it, there is a lot of time during sports trips where you have short amounts of free time such as during travel or in the evenings where you can easily do some worksheets or answer some questions. This will make coming back to school and going back to class less overwhelming and stressful as will have a better idea of what’s going on. 

      2. Bring comfy clothes

If you do not have room to bring both sweatpants and jeans, bring the sweats. You’ll really want to slip into something more comfortable especially if you can’t shower and you’re still sweaty. A large hoodie is also great and you can also make your game time more comfortable. Try and bring a fresh pair of socks for every game, everyone hates sweaty feet. Underwear you can move in is essential as well as sports bras for girls. 

      3. Bring money for food

You can never really predict how hungry you’ll be or what you’ll be craving after your games. Even though you think you’ll have enough food and snacks, it’s always good to bring some money especially as most schools will be selling some food. It’s always good just to be safe and you definitely want to make sure you always have a full stomach. 


      4. Have some spirit

Whether it’s for your own team or for other teams. Even if you’re not that good of a team and aren’t expecting to win it’s important to still aim to push yourself and play the best you can, and if you lose, it’s not the end of the world. Make sure to cheer for other teams as well when you’re watching games. All the other teams are just like you and really enjoy the sport they’re doing and it’s always great to hear some encouragements from the sideline. 

      5. Bring a towel

Even if there are no showers its really good o pat the sweat off your body after exercise since your body will start cooling down and there’s a possibility you will get sick. So dry yourself up and throw on a hoodie. 

      6. Sort your hair out

If you have just slightly long hair you’re gonna have to figure out what to do with it because it will get in the way and start sticking to you as you sweat. Whatever you do just get it out your face. 

      7. Actually sleep

Everyone says they’re actually gonna sleep but it sometimes gets exciting because you’re with your team and you’ve had an eventful day so you sometimes get carried away and realise it’s late. How much you sleep the night before will really make a difference in the way you perform and your mood the next day so try and get some rest. 


     8. Don’t eat junk or sweets

When people say this to you it is quite annoying but it really makes a difference in the way you perform. The junk and sugar will make you feel really full and tired. Try and get some carbs in with bread or have some protein. 

      9. Participate

There is a chance sometimes that you won’t really be close friends with anyone on the team but it makes it so much better for you if you just get yourself involved. Don’t cut yourself out and try and do everything as a team. You will make a lot of new friends and your memories will be so much better. If you are close with your team and trust them this will also make you perform better. 


All these things will help make your tournament so much better.