The Beauty of Coconut Oil

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The Beauty of Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is an amazing superfood that has a multitude of purposes and wonderful benefits for beauty and health. It is a natural antibacterial and anti fungal that can penetrate the hair and skin a lot deeper than most oils and work as an excellent moisturiser.   The benefits of coconut oil are great and here are a few ways that you can use it:

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

1. As an exfoliant.

If you add brown sugar to coconut oil it makes for a wonderful natural exfoliant for your body. It’s not too harsh and moisturises your skin.

2. As a hair mask.

This works well as a deep conditioner, you can either massage it through your hair after shampooing but before conditioning for a quick 5 minute mask or put it in overnight and wash it in the morning. This gives your hair a moisture surge and leaves it looking beautiful.

3. As an eye makeup remover.

Coconut oil melts away makeup so rub a grape size dollop in between your fingers to warm it up and massage in to take away any trace of makeup. You can make coconut oil wipes by melting a tablespoon over a low heat and leaving cotton wool pads in the oil to soak overnight.

4. As a body oil.

Right after you get out of the shower rub coconut oil all over your body and let it soak in for supple, glowing skin.

5. As a hair growth oil.

Massaging coconut oil into your scalp, onto your eyebrows or laying it onto your eyelashes will stimulate the hair follicles for hair that grows quicker and healthier.

You can buy coconut oil at most organic stores but it can also be found at Aldi and some of the larger Migros stores. Invest in a jar of coconut oil and enjoy it’s fantastic benefits!


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