The Great Gatsby

The amazing performance of 'The Great Gatsby'.

The amazing performance of 'The Great Gatsby'.

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For this year’s play, the high school students performed in a fantastic play called ‘The Great Gatsby’. The story follows Nick Carraway (Fabrizio Sorgesa Frener), a struggling bond salesman, who moves next door to millionaire Jay Gatsby (Joey G.). Nick’s cousin Daisy Buchanan (Erin N.) and her husband Tom (Lucas R.) live across the bay, and when Daisy’s friend Jordan (Monserrat M.) mentions Gatsby, the real drama begins to take place.

The cast portrayed their characters beautifully, and it was Gatsby’s innocent charms and hopes, Daisy’s vulnerability hidden beneath a cynical mask, and Nick’s honest and tolerant personality that really captured the audience’s attention. Not only were the actors fabulous – the crew also put a lot of effort into this production, and it showed. The lighting was fantastic, the set was beautiful and all the costumes accurately reflected the time period but also the character’s wealth and social status. In between scenes, there was live music with a 1920’s feel, and during the intermission, there was a Gatsby-themed café, run by the cast. The directors, Erica N and Mikayla S, clearly paid put a lot of hard work into the creation of this fabulous performance. All the little details that the cast and crew paid extra attention to really added to the overall performance and had a very positive impact on the audience, but wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the directors. Well done to all that were involved in the making of the fabulous production!