The Multiverse


Alternative Universes


The multiverse is the name given to a hypothetical group of universes, including the one that we are currently living in, and it is suggested that each of these universes functions based on its own alternative reality.


This theory is based on how many physicists believe that the dramatic inflation which occurred due to the Big Bang didn’t create our universe only, but was responsible for the formation multiple universes, perhaps an infinite amount of them.


However, while the existence of such an idea is yet to be proven in a valid, tangible way, the multiverse has existed in the big screen for many many years. It has played significant roles in various movies, ranging from the Christmas classic, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, to the emo classic, ‘Donnie Darko’ and even to the beloved childhood cartoon, ‘Phineas and Ferb’. Its presence and significant importance in comic books and graphic novels is undeniable as well, since nowadays, it is extremely normal for a prominent superhero to die a tragic death, only to be found unhinged in a completely different dimension. And with the rapidly rising popularity of comic book movies, the youth of today is constantly exposed to the possibility of an idea that many may find obscure or even overwhelming.


Unfortunately, this theory that happens to be a major plot point in a countless amount of movies, still remains as nothing more than a theory in the sciences. The lack of evidence to prove such an idea does raise questions regarding the role of imagination in the sciences though. Or perhaps, it illuminates the role of the sciences in the arts. It makes us wonder whether scientific hypothesis can be based on a childhood fascination, or maybe even human dissatisfaction.


Moreover, possibly due to the significant impact that mainstream pop-culture has on the sciences, there is increasing research of this theory. For instance, prior to his death Stephen Hawking submitted a study which was titled ‘A Smooth Exit From Eternal Inflation’. In this study, he set out the mathematics that could be required for a space probe which could intend to find experimental evidence for the existence of the multiverse.


The finding of evidence as such could change our factual understanding of the cosmos forever and prove the significance of imagination.