The New Styles from The Fashion Weeks

The past few weeks of fashion weeks have brought us the long awaited Raf Simons Calvin Klein collection at New York fashion week, the smudged-on-purpose lips of London fashion week, the bold Dolce and Gabbana show of Milan fashion week and this week is no exception with Chanel bringing a space themed show to the streets of Paris (as well as THAT outfit from Nicki Minaj).

Fashion week not only allows for a look into the new fashion trends emerging but provides exciting and bold inspiration for your own look. It’s not like any one is actually going to mimic wearing head-to-toe animal print (I’m talking Zebra, Cheetah and Alligator all at once) but you can pick out some pieces you love to freshen up your wardrobe. Some of my favourite (and wearable) trends from all of the Big Four fashion weeks are: 

  1. Print & Embroidery
Ellery, Paris

The beautiful prints splattered across shows has given inspiration to maybe go out and buy a flower patterned skirt, a leopard jacket or alligator shoes. As well as reminding us of the beauty of an embodied shoulder. 

 2. Sheer & Lace

Kendall + Kylie, New York

A sheer long sleeved shirt poking out under a t-shirt is subtle statement piece.

3.Big Sleeves 

Victoria Victoria Beckham, London

Big beautiful Belle sleeves are the perfect way to update your wardrobe with the new trends. 


4. Bold Colours 

Giorgio Armani, Milan

Goodbye pastels and hello block colours, when the weathers horrible add bright red to your wardrobe to stand out. 

Choose something that fits with your style to update your wardrobe and feel great this season.