Ugo – HoISZL


My name is Ugo, and I would like to be a musician. I play electric guitar in a band, I can play the saxophone, the ukulele, the base guitar, I can sing, the drums and the piano. This is how I got here, and where I want to be in a career.

I started out with my first instrument when I was 6. We had this nice electric piano in our living room, and my dad wanted me to try it out. I said “alright, why not?” And so off I was with my first instrument. Little did I know where this would lead me. I did piano for the next 4 years. I got tired of it, and I moved on to my next instrument.screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-08-23-03





This was at a piano recital. It was the first grand piano I had ever played in my life.





I started playing the guitar when I was around 10. I had this really tiny cheap acoustic guitar, that sounded a bit like a cardboard box with a rubber-band as a string, but it was enough to get me going. I took lessons with acoustic guitar for 2 years. I learned how to play classical songs and how to play some sort of scales. I would learn how to play basic chords like a C chord or an A chord. I remember being really proud of my first Bar Chord (a chord where you press all the strings down with one finger and add additional notes with the other 3 fingers) My fingers hurt so much from practicing so much as I was really excited to play guitar.







This was at a friend’s house, and I had brought my guitar to play with him, he was already on an electric guitar.







I then moved on to electric guitar. That was when I got a little discouraged. You would think the transition would be easy. Maybe to some, it is. But to me, it really wasn’t. I had to really go to the core of my being to find the motivation to keep going (this sounds like a really intense movie XD) A few months have passed, and I meet this guy. He has really long hair, and turns out, he also plays guitar. So my soon to be friend Simon got me back into playing guitar. I started learning power chords, solo scales, major scales, minor scales, 7chords and a bunch of other cool stuff. I got really into it.






This is me at International Day at the Middle School (as you can tell, I had a real strong sense of fashion…)






All the while this was happening in 8th grade, since we had to take instrument lessons, I was learning to play the saxophone. I really enjoyed it, though I didn’t really practice much (sorry Ms Wilkinson/Olson…) I ended up being pretty good at it and I learnt to play Careless Whisper, in hopes that I could embarrass my best friend and his girlfriend by pulling up my saxophone and playing that right next to them. Sadly, that never happened. But I was still really proud of learning that riff. I then learnt some really simple soloing, and had a bit of fun with that.

During my time with instruments, my big sister was learning some too. Particularly the drums. So as I was very interested in learning that too, because I mean, if you had a drum kit in your house, don’t tell me you wouldn’t be at least a little tempted to bash them up with the drum sticks. So that’s what I did. I picked up some drum sticks and started playing. As I progressed, I learned new rhythms, and new ways to combine ways to make solos and fills.

I didn’t really learn to play the bass, it’s just through the guitar playing, I know how to play it as well. I just picked one up, and played some riffs and turns out it’s almost the same as a normal guitar, the only difference is the type of person that plays it (that’s a joke that a guitarist who has been in a band will understand).

And throughout all of this, I would sing all the time. I trained my voice again and again until I would get it to a desirable level. Now, I can sing fairly well, and it’s very useful, because I can easily recognise notes or memorize a note to then transfer it to another instrument.

And now, I am in a band with all of my best friends. Lucas, Simon, Thomas and Chris. It’s amazing to be in a band. It’s a feeling that can’t be replaced. It’s a feeling of creation, of liberty and freedom and much more. It’s just weird to think that the music is created on the spot. No need for recording two tracks over each other, just have two guitarists. And all the band members are extremely fun. No one, and when I say this, I mean absolutely nobody in this world, would be able to replace even one of these band members. All of them I feel a strong connection to, all of them I feel like they are genuinely as interested as I am in music.screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-21-16-35

And I think that in the future, I want to be with this band with our own sound, playing concerts and being able to get enough money from it, for it to become my profession. That’s where I want to be.

Thank you.