Visiting Universities

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Now is the time of the year where us 11th graders of ISZL are starting their journey towards university. We are encouraged to really start researching which universities we’d like to attend and in which countries we’d like to go to.

Aside from those two factors, we need to start asking ourselves which courses would seem interesting for us and whether the universities are really going to be a good fit for us. One of the best ways to find that out is to go and visit the universities themselves. Personally, I’ve already visited one open day, and plan on attending two more this month! The past break was also ideal because many took the opportunity to schedule a visit at a variety of universities.

So, some of you might be asking, well, how does attending an open day work? How do I know which individual events to attend? Signing up for an open day is free, and all you have to do is enter your email address, some personal information, and then sign up for different introductions/sessions/tours/lectures. Of course, it depends on which university you plan on visiting, but generally, the process is relatively straightforward. Don’t be afraid to sign up for an introduction or lecture for a course you are unsure of; attending won’t hurt, and afterward you will probably know more or less whether or not you’ll be interested in it or not. If you decide you want to learn even more about a certain course, attend more than just introduction sessions- sign up for student panels, extra lectures, or even sign up to become a student for a day. If you know you’re interested in paying a visit to universities outside of Switzerland, make sure to book flights on time to save some pennies!

What are the benefits of attending an open day? Well, other than gaining more information about potential courses, you also get to see the facilities, get to know more about accommodation options, ask current students any questions about their experiences, and get a feel for the dynamic of the university. Aside from the university, you also get to spend some time in the area/city where the university is located so you have an idea as to what is possible out of campus and whether or not you’ll be content living there for 4 or more years.

So there you have it, a very brief overview of university visits and what you should know about them.

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