Warsaw Swim Meet


I have postponed writing this article for quite a while, but still feel like reporting on the matter might be in place. After all, the ISZL high school swim team has before never had such a successful season…

After the SGIS championships in Basel, the swim team had some other competitions. For the most important competition, the team flew to Warsaw to compete in the SCIS championships. Within SCIS tournaments, international schools from Athens, Munich, Frankfurt, Zurich, Vienna and Warsaw are all represented. Needless to say, it was one of the most competitive competitions on the team’s agenda.

After prior successes in the pool, the team set off with high expectations; craving medals, trophies and even records. After the very first final of the competition, ISZL had already proven to be a force reckoned with, as Xavier Kelly and Sofia Dionisio both grabbed double gold in the 200 individual medley, in which Sofia actually shattered the previous championship record and left the competition almost a full length behind.

As the competition progressed further, one ISZL finalist after the other was being awarded with shiny medals, with numerous records being broken. Sofia continued her record breaking streak, and swam (in addition to the 200 individual medley record) championship records in both the 50 and 100 meters breaststroke. Xavier and Mark both broke the existing record for the 100 meter backstroke, but were out touched by a swimmer from Athens. The girls’ relay team broke the record for the 200 medley relay, and were incredibly close to breaking the record for the 200 freestyle relay as well.

ISZL’s final medal count halted at a staggering 18, 4 of which were obtained in the relays. In addition to that, every swimmer contributed to the final point tally, either by individually qualifying for the finals or by being part of the relay teams. This is an amazing contrast to the previous two years in which I was a part of the ISZL swim team. Every year, the team has slowly been growing and becoming a more prominent force within the water. Two years ago, a top six finish amongst the other teams at the SCIS tournament would have been perceived as a miraculous achievement. This year, on the other hand, it would have been disappointing if the girls team had not won the tournament entirely.

Considering the talent of the relatively young swimming squad, while keeping into account the caliber of next year’s freshmen as well, the team is destined to progress even further. It’s a shame I won’t be there to see them win double SCIS gold in the years to come…