Why Every High Schooler Should Watch ‘My Mad Fat Diary’


‘My Mad Fat Diary’ is a British television series which is set in 1996, Lincolnshire, and it tells the tragic yet humorous story of a troubled 16 year old girl; Rae Earl. After spending four months in a mental institution, for attempting to commit suicide, Rae leaves the hospital and reconnects with her old best friend and soon she joins her new friend group. The show follows Rae’s interactions with her newly found friends, who are all unaware of her severe mental health issues.

Unlike the majority of the television series that are aimed towards teenagers, where every single main character is extraordinarily attractive and the problems that the characters face are often sugar-coated or unrealistic, My Mad Fat Diary is utterly honest and truthful. Since throughout the show, Rae is often shown writing her deepest thoughts and desires into her diary, we are frequently exposed to what is truly going on inside her brain. This allows the show to reflect what actually goes on in the mind of a teenager and therefore makes Rae’s character extremely relatable. Furthermore, some of the main plotlines of the series center around Rae’s body image issues, sexual desires, and recurring suicidal thoughts, which are explored clearly and vividly, which once again reflects the realities of being a teenager and therefore makes the show unique, as well as raising awareness of significant issues.

Additionally, the show depicts how unlike what we may think, not a single person is completely confident and trouble-free. They do so by exploring the problems and insecurities of characters such as Rae’s best friend, Chloe, whom Rae always thought of as ‘perfect’, and Rae’s psychologist, who, despite being helpful to Rae, often experiences problems within his personal life. Finally, although the show explores very serious matter, it still manages to be hilarious.

Also, since the show is set in the 90s, and Rae happens to have incredible taste in music, the soundtrack is excellent.