Why Fast Fashion is a Problem


Source: Fast fashion is an issue.

In our society, it is very easy to contribute to the problem of fast fashion by purchasing clothes at stores like H&M or Zara for relatively cheap prices. Fast fashion is when companies produce large amounts of clothing for very little money in order to keep up with the trends. These fast fashion companies feed into the consumerist narrative that having more stuff will make you happier. Originally, there were 4 collections for fashion that went with the seasons. Now, there are now 52 micro-seasons, meaning there is literally a new ‘collection’ every single week. To make new clothes for every week of the year, companies have to produce more and they have to do it fast, decreasing the quality and increasing the waste, as the consumer will have to throw it away. In 2017, 26.7 kg of new clothing per head was bought in the UK and 235 million items of clothing were sent to the landfill.

Not only this, but the fashion industry’s carbon emissions are estimated to be the same as the emissions of all the planes in the world, because of how much these companies need to produce in such a small amount of time.

Some people do say that they give all their old clothes to charity, which seems quite nice at first. However, only 20% of donated clothes are sold by charity shops. The rest are sent to textile recyclers who either sell it as shredded pieces that will end up in a landfill or they will ship it off to developing countries. While the later seems quite nice, it ends up destroying the textile industry that they have in their countries.