Why You Should Be Looking Forward to YFS 2019


The time has come. Next Thursday, the second edition of the Youth Forum Switzerland will be taking place at our school, and thus we will be welcoming 30 incredible speakers, activists and world leaders from all over the globe, into our community. They will be discussing contemporary issues surrounding the theme of “Understanding Our World: Sustaining Our Future”. It will be a day full of lively panels and talks where you will have the chance to engage with global issues that interest you. There are also many more reasons for you to embrace that day.



  • Variety of Panel Topics


Although the theme of the event is heavily focused on sustainability and there are panels which specifically focus on the environment and how to achieve sustainable lifestyles, there will also be panels that explore the significance of sustainability in our mental health, the fragility of democracy, the significance of circular economy and cities of the future. The event has been designed to create panels that are diverse enough to suit the interests of each and every student.


  • Networking Opportunities


Since there will be many speakers who are experts in various fields, YFS 2019 will be a great opportunity to connect with someone who is involved in an area that you are passionate about, or even feel as though you may get into in the future. Plus, for 10th graders, it is a great place to find a work experience placement!


  • You Can Speak Your Mind


Although parts of the day will be spent listening to other people speak, at the end of almost each session you will have the chance to ask questions and share your views. It will be an opportunity for you to talk about the things that you feel passionate about and express your views to some of the leading change-makers of our time.


  • Finally Get Let in on What’s Been Going On


If you have not been involved in the organization of YFS, it is extremely likely that at some point, you have heard someone excuse themselves due to a YFS meeting. If you weren’t one of the over 40 students who have been planning for the event, you will finally be let in on what they have been conspiring about since last year. And if you are someone who has been involved, you will be able to enjoy the outcome of your hard work.


So let’s maintain a positive attitude and embrace YFS 2019!


You can check out the website for more information on the event and the speakers.