YFS 2019 – An Extraordinary Event


On the 17th of January 2019, ISZL hosted the 2nd annual Youth Forum Switzerland. The vision came from 3 students who were inspired by the World Economic Forum’s Open Forum Davos event in January 2017, yet they noticed there was a lack of Youth present at this particular event. The students, Camilla R., Aurore M. and Willemijn P., are now alumni of ISZL and these young women have left a legacy behind. Following the Open Forum of 2017, this group of students returned to ISZL with a powerful mission – to put together an event which would encourage youth involvement in working towards solving the pressing issues of today’s world.

They aimed to host this event in order to allow students to voice their opinions and ideas and to encourage them to connect with the change-makers of today.  The International School of Zug and Luzern is the first school in the world to host an event like this. This year, over 700 students from a wide range of schools attended the event. Students from The International School of Luxembourg attended and two of these students also gave outstanding speeches at the event. The Youth Forum hosted several discussions regarding a vast variety of issues, ranging from the nature of democracy to the significance of mental health. This years central theme was: Understanding Our World, Sustaining Our Future. A great aspect of YFS was that it was a zero waste event which aimed to encourage the use of only reusable products. Organized by students of ISZL, nearly 50 of them were involved in making this event a reality, however this would not have been possible without the teachers who assisted us every step of the way. I was part of the YFS Series Team this year. The experience of working towards this event and ultimately seeing it come to life has been spectacular. This year, nearly 30 inspiring speakers attended, providing the student body with a great opportunity to make connections with the leading change-makers of today. Having shown passionate engagement from students and speakers, the event was undeniably a success!